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Mr. Marino Aragon & Mrs. Beatriz Aragon

We are a California registered S Corporation, Semi-precious Stone Division. We import directly from the field in South America. In Argentina, we own interest in a Rhodochrosite mine in the Capilllitas mountains in the Catamarca Province. In Colombia, we import directly from the fields Amber.

We specialize in raw product as well as polished pieces and figurines as well.

Our Rhodochrosite mine, Rhodoar, in the Capillitas mountains is located next to the Ortiz Mine, home of the famous Red Ruby, a rare kind of red Argentinean Rhodochrosite.

75 Meters down the main shaft of
Rhodochrosite mine in Argentina

What's New

Blue, Red, Orange and
Dark Green Onyx

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(310) 534-2126

Mounted Exotic Insects
Mounted Exotic Insects

Colombian Mine

85 Meters down inside Rhodochrosite mine
in Argentina

Horseback riding to Colombian mine


Aragon Enterprises, Inc
PO Box 494 San Pedro, CA 90710 , USA
Phone 310-534-2126


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