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We are a California registered S Corporation, Semi-precious Stone Division. We import directly from the Amber fields in Colombia, South America.

We specialize in raw product as well as polished pieces.

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Amber vs Copal

There has been some confusion and contention about what defines "fossilized" amber from copal, especially copal from Colombia, South America, and amber and copal fro around the world. Amber and copal are both polymerized tree "sap" resins.

Availability of Mosquitoes Found in Amber and Copal

Traders and dealers that sell amber and copal at Rock and Fossil Shows, claiming that the fossilized resin inlcudes mosquitoes, are not entomologists. Fossil dealers usually are not intentionally deceiving the buyer, but they honestly don't know how to identify an actual mosquito.

Jurassic Park Dinosaurs

In answer to the question brought forward by Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park, "Can dinosaurs be cloned from DNA found in the blood of mosquitoes trapped in amber which fossilized millions of years ago?" Answer: Scientists have retrieved DNA from termites embedded in amber; but unfortunately, they don't believe we could clone whole dinosaurs from the DNA of blood-filled mosquitoes. Sorry Michael Crichton. [Research Note from "The Planet of Life".]

Mosquitos Found in Amber

In reference to "the most asked for inclusion in amber" (A Mosquito): It is nearly impossible to find or acquire a piece of amber with a specimen of a mosquito. Michael Crichton, the author of the best-selling novel, "Jurassic Park", sparked the imaginations of many when he used a mosquito entombed in amber in his story to bring the extinct monster dinosaurs back to lifein today's scientific age of humankind.

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